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Little Shire Farm

All About the Shire

A Little History

We are John and Lisa, owners of Little Shire Farm.  We began our love for raising our own food as children with our hands in black Nebraska soil. Lisa had always worked in plant nursery and horticulture.   In 2000, John traveled to Norway to study Agroecology and worked on Fukhol Gard (Farm) in Stange, NO.  After arriving back in the states, we began our own farm market and CSA enterprise in Lincoln, NE and renewed our love for growing. 

Over the past two decades we have worked with numerous gifted farmers in several states, helping develop community gardens, farmers markets, and even a new farmer training site.  After several years of remodeling an acreage in rural Brookings County, in 2016 we decided that it was time to start our journey back into what we love the most...sustainable agriculture.  We are now growing 5 acres, with 1,900 square foot in our greenhouses.   

In 2017, we started our infused honey venture with a great reviews, evolving into multiple flavors in over a dozen stores.  

In 2020, we will have an additional hoophouse and a seedstart bunker built.  Lisa will also be venturing further in beeswax and hemp production, and John has started working with a variety of mushrooms for sale fresh and dried.  

Our goal: be the most diverse small scale agriculture system in the region...and a consistent reservoir of genetic diversity.  In the face of monoculture that surrounds us, we hope that we are a shining light of what agriculture should be.  Our Markets include a limited Community Supported Agriculture Program, Farmers' Markets  in Downtown Brookings, Sioux Falls Falls Park, and the Lake Lorraine Farmers Market, as well as wholesale to several restaurants and stores.


Our All-Natural Products

Vegetables, CSA Shares, & Plants

Over 350 varieties of vegetables and fruits, with a CSA share program for those that want an adventure in local food.  We also produce vegetable and herbs produce 

and plants for pick-up on farm or at 

our 3 farmers markets.  

Click Here to see our markets!  

Infused Honeys

 The Shire's Honeys combined with the finest ingredients, with seasonally sourced varieties, classic favorites, and 

one-of-a-kinds.  Available in 

both 1.1 lb. and 5 oz. glass bottles.  

Get our best selling Bourbon Honey...

Raw Honeys

 Our family's raw honeys from South Dakota and Florida.  Clover, Gallberry, Palmetto, Orange Blossom, Brazilian Pepper, and more.   Available in 6 oz, 12 oz, 20 oz, & 5 lb.  Wholesale orders welcome, 

please contact us at 605-651-0423 or for 

wholesale pricing.

All-Natural Dog Treats

  (Currently Unavailable)    

Real Salmon, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Bacon. Made with locally sourced meats and vegetables from our farm.  

Available in 8 flavors and two sizes, Nibbles and Bones.

Organic Extracts

 Made from All Organic Ingredients and lots of time.  Organically grown and distilled Minnesota extractives.  Try Cinnamon, Clove, Coffee, Anise, and Madagascar Vanilla. 

Honey Caramels,

 (Currently Unavailable)  

Buttery and insanely delicious.  Plain, Chocolate, Black Sea Salted, Sea Salted, Orchard Apple Infused, Raspberry Infused, Bourbon, and many more.  Available in 1/2 and full pound orders.  Made to order, and shipped immediately.  

Our Live Plant Offerings 2019 - Tomatoes & Peppers

Over 35 varieties of peppers and 69 varieties of Tomatoes.  All Non-GMO, and raised with organic methods and certified soils & fertilizers.  

Get yours at the Brookings Farmers Market and the Fall Park Farmers Market in Sioux Falls.  You can also call us, and make a visit to the farm.  


Our Advocacy

The Shire, like many small and specialty farms face an uncertain future in 

South Dakota and Nationally.

The Shire and support a better way, opposed to the over-industrialization of 

agriculture that surrounds us.


The Shire supports efforts to foster producer and consumer education, as well development of public policy that tackles the issues facing small scale specialty producers and processors that employ non-industrial agricultural practices and/or crops.

Please support ours, and our partners' efforts to protect small-scale & specialty agriculture in South Dakota and beyond.