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Our Story


 We are John and Lisa, owners of Little Shire Farm.  We began our love for raising our own food as children with our hands in black Nebraska soil.  In 2000, John traveled to Norway to study Agroecology and worked on Fukhol Gard (Farm) in Stange, NO.  After arriving back in the states, we began our own farm market and CSA enterprise in Lincoln, NE and renewed our love for growing.   

Over the past two decades we have worked with numerous gifted farmers in several states, helping develop community gardens, farmers markets, and even a new farmer training site.  After several years of remodeling an acreage in rural Brookings County, in 2016 we decided that it was time to start our journey back into what we love the most...sustainable agriculture.  We are now growing 3 acres of intensive production, with 1,900 square foot in our greenhouses.  In 2017, we started our infused honey venture with a great reviews, evolving into multiple flavors in over a dozen stores.  Our goal: be the most diverse small scale agriculture system in the region...and a consistent reservoir of genetic diversity.  In the face of monoculture that surrounds us, we hope that we are a shining light of what agriculture should be.  Our Markets include a limited Community Supported Agriculture Program, Farmers' Markets  in Brookings, Sioux Falls, and Madison, as well as wholesale to restaurants and stores.

Gourmet Infused Honeys


The Shire's Honeys combined with the finest ingredients, with seasonally sourced varieties, classic favorites, and one-of-a-kinds.   

Use it with marinades, sauces, desserts, cocktails (yum!)..or drizzle it on some homemade ice cream. 

The possibilities are endless.  

All handmade in small batches 

with seasonally sourced ingredients, and 

old time favorites!     

We are also continually adding new infused flavors.  Treat yourself to Bourbon, Sea Salted, Smoked, Vanilla Bean Orange Blossom, Strawberry Rhubarb, Red Raspberry, Orchard Apple, Cinnamon-Cardamon, Coffee, Hot Pepper, and More!  

Little Shire Farm is dedicated to creating authentic food.  We are natural food freaks...and we keep our ingredients that way.     

Visit our website for recipes and retail locations at

CSA Shares


​​​​We are a 5 acre oasis of plants and animals, just East of Aurora, SD.  We pride ourselves in the diversity that we grow and how we grow it.  The Shire raises of over 50 types of non-GMO, heirloom, and chemical-free vegetables (over 350 varieties).  We are the most diverse vegetable farm and CSA in region.  

Little Shire Farm is a community farm offering a wide variety of fresh, sustainable produce. We focus our growing on heirloom and great-tasting varieties, and enjoy a healthy mix of the unusual with the staples. We are always experimenting with new varieties.  

Since we have a very limited number of CSA Shares available (10 in 2019), shareholders will get many of those new seed editions.  Picked fresh, carefully washed, and made available for pick-up or delivery to you at our farmers market, on-farm, 

or for a delivery fee. 

Our Retailers and Restaurants


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We love to meet our customers, so feel free to set a time with us to visit on-farm during business hours.  Appointments required, so please give us a call first.

Little Shire Farm

47750 214th Street, Aurora, South Dakota 57002, United States



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